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Monthly Archives: September 2010

wealth is mindset

wealth is a mindset that produces a life style that produces riches

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What Money Means to You Rate each of the following statements: 1 = Strongly disagree 2 = Disagree 3 = Undecided 4 = Agree 5 = Strongly agree 1. It is important to me to maintain a lifestyle similar to or better than that of my peers. 2. In making a major purchase, an important … Continue reading »

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The billionaires

 It has been a year of reclamation for America’s richest. The total worth of the Forbes 400 was up 8% to $1.37 trillion, well out-earning the 1% rise in the S&P over the same period of time. More than half (217) are richer than they were a year ago. The headline number tells a partial … Continue reading »

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It’s easy to fritter away money on daily expenses. If you fall into these money traps, learn to avoid them and pocket the savings. 1. Coffee – According to the National Coffee Association, the average price for brewed coffee is $1.38. There are roughly 260 weekdays per year, so buying one coffee every weekday morning … Continue reading »

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THE LAW OF TWO.(culled from billionaires’ capsule in punch 18th sept.2010)

The Law of The Two: The law of the two says that if you truly desire success, you’ve got to find other people that will help you to achieve it . In most cases this takes the form of mentors or coaches. Whenever I hear people say that they are self made men, I laugh … Continue reading »

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