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Monthly Archives: November 2010


if you will not be poor in 5 years time or less How was your weekend?sure it was ok.all glory to God.This week we look at what you should stop ,if you don’t want to be as poor as poverty in five years or less. 1.No-financial-goal attitude There is no destination without direction.Whether sitting in … Continue reading »

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Strategy of moving from employee to be an employer

(if you really want something comphersive on this topic or have a question on this topic,kindly drop the question in the comments space and you will get a quick response) This is a process that involves all the type of money from moving from an employee to employer. WHAT ARE THE STAGES 1. Seek the face … Continue reading »

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50 Ways to Live A Better financial Life

Everybody desire a better finacial life.If you don’t like your financial life. Change it! Change your financial life for the better! Are you struggling financially! Do you want to improve your financial life! And you don’t have any clue on how to do it? Here’s a list of 100 ways in which you can improve … Continue reading »

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money matters summit 2

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Excellence: More Than Talent

By John C. Maxwell “Excellence” may bring to mind unmatched performance, unusual expertise, or consistent high-quality performance. In our minds, we often associate excellence with talent. To be the best, surely you have to be gifted, right? Experience has taught me that talent, while important, in no way explains excellence. In fact, the primary pathway … Continue reading »

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