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Monthly Archives: November 2011


       1.     DON’T HIDE IN YOUR OFFICE: No one can tell how good you are until you prove it to them. To do this go out there, make all the necessary contacts and expand your business. 2.     DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE PHONE: The phone is the life line of virtually every business. You … Continue reading »

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100 Ways To Live A Better financial Life

If  You don’t like your financial life? Change it! Change your financial life for the better! Are you struggling financially! Do you want to improve your financial life! And you  don’t have any clue on how to do it? Here’s a list of 100 ways in which you can improve your financial life. 1. Accept … Continue reading »

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29 ways of making extra income without quitting your present job

  Making extra incomes is one of the basic ways of breaking the financial circle of insufficiency in your life. Many people are yet to realize that the more the products or services you have to sell the more your income. People give you money only in exchange for the value they get. If you … Continue reading »

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Money magnet CDs series

“Money magnet CDs series” is a collection of lectures delivered by Oluwasanmi Akindipe. These lectures have changed lives and they will change your life too. These CDs will bring an everlasting end to your sorrows of money and confusions on finance. All you need is to listen to it. Great men are small men who … Continue reading »

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How to be free from debt

Debt is something owned or something one is bound to pay to or perform for another. Debt occurs when you enjoy tomorrow’s sweat today for instant gratification. It is an acute state of your financial status. Debt is when you have unpaid money for different benefits enjoyed or for any other reasons. Being in debt … Continue reading »

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