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Posted by on December 1, 2011




  1. Stop incurring more debt immediately.

No matter what, let it stop now.

No more credit card purchases.

No more impulse buying. No more unplanned spending. The debt way is a downward turn. To stop driving down, hit the brakes! Stop

2. Track your expenses.

The greatest thing that leads to debt is untracked spending.

Now divide your debts into 2 parts. Urgent and important, list out everything. The debts that could cause misery if payment is delayed should be termed urgent while the others should be termed important. In short, sort out your debit in order of priorities as against your assets and home. This is the part where you look back and prepare to reverse. Keep good view of the road which led here.

3.   Begin speaking the debt free language.

“I am out of debt forever.”

“I will lend to many nations and I will never borrow again in my life.”

A positive attitude steams out of your confession and a determined mindset to live up to it. By doing this you engage the reverse gear.

Believe you can live a debt free life because what you believe is what you become. Confidence in your abilities is the foundation for a debt free life.

4.          Negotiate your debt; see if you could talk to your creditor to reduce the amount you have to pay. Don’t be pessimistic about it. Approach your creditor, he or she could be lenient with you. Don’t be brute and over demanding, Mr Creditor may not appreciate your defiance. It’s not right, you are soliciting a compromise with this, you begin to throttle slowly in the reverse direction.

5.  Study your sources of income. Research shows that you need at least four sources of income to attain financial independence. Concentrate on the 20% that brings 80% of your income. Increase the speed by concentrating on your strength, the rest is about accelerating your way out of debt.

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