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How To Stop Temporary Money Madness

Posted by on October 18, 2012

The traffic in my front

was so stressful this

faithful afternoon after

working on some clients

building on site.


Little did I know that the

terrible traffic which

confronted me like a mount

kilomagaro was  caused by

a woman fighting conductor

of a public transport for a

change of twenty naira

which the conductor fails

to give to her.


Unfortunately none of the

road officers was around,

people had to get down

of their cars and actually

interviened and eventually

gave the woman N20 before

the traffic could start moving.


And when I was going,

I gave the woman N5000

because from all she said

the N20 was what she has

left before she gets the

salary from where she

works as a cleaner and


from all indications she

has about 2 children to

cater for the next ten

days, she was simply

financial stressed.


All of us go through

financial stress and

this is one of the

major reason you see

big grammar pouring

out of people’s bogcar

cavity when they have

a vehicle clash on the



They are simply

stressed and becomes

very touchy not to even

talk about being stressed

at work and now

having financial stress.

Financial stress comes

from many sources

Financial stress is experienced when an individual is going “mad” temporarily because of money pressures like financial problems, lack of funds, bad investments, low bank accounts, general economy struggle.

Financial stress makes a person to scream at the mention of telling him to pay any bill. 7 out of  10 people in a research conducted outside Nigeria, in Nigeria it may be more.

Financial stress comes when you have to overdue pay schools, overdue house rents, office rents, taxes, fuel, and so many other payment and you only have limited one or two sources of income.

You just discover that the person is screaming, shout down anyone at the slightest touch, the person becomes touchy and so on.


  1. When the government seems uncaring, collecting taxes and higher fuel prices and less result to show for it.
  2. When the prices of things are going to the roof without your control.
  3. When your bank accounting is going low and expenses are mounting high.
  4. When retirement age is drawing near and there are no investment to show for it.


  1. It can lead to loss of sleep
  2. It can lead to loss of life
  3. It can lead to holes in your gums
  4. It can cripple your marriage and your marriage and inter- personal relationship because you will shout everybody down.


  1. Locate a sincere atmosphere first or take a very cool bath.
  2. Sit down and remember how God provided for you in the past when you were at zero point.
  3. Develop a faith that God still cares about you.
  4. List all the payments to be made and compare with your income.
  5. Develop a positive attitude towards money.
  6. Make a budget and stick to it.
  7. Invest before your first grey hair.
  8. Pray about it.
  9. Ask Sanmi for a professional advice where necessary.

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