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The Penniless Millionaire

Posted by on May 15, 2013


I got this story from

and i rephrase i believe it will bless you.

There is this  lady Sharon Tirabassi

that won the $10,569,000.10 lottery

in 2004.

And  Nine years after cashing

her $10,569,000.10 cheque, lotto winner

Sharon Tirabassi is catching the Barton

Street bus to her part-time job.

She’s working to support her kids

in their rented house in northeast


Tirabassi was 35 years old and

she happened to be  one of this city’s

biggest lotto winners — has gone

from rolling in dough to living

pay cheque to pay cheque.

Suddenly, she started living

larger than life.

She took friends on wild,

all-expenses paid trips to

Cancun, Florida, Las Vegas,

California, the Caribbean.

She bought a house on West 5th,

and she married Vinny.

“Friends that she hadn’t
talked to in a long time
came calling.”

In 2006, the newlyweds and

blended Tirabassi family moved

to a massive $515,000 home

on Kitty Murray Lane in Ancaster.

Despite cashing a $10.5 million

cheque just two years earlier,

Tirabassi took out a $360,000

mortgage on the house.

The pair, Vinny says,

owned four vehicles:

a bright yellow Hummer,

a Mustang, a Dodge Charger

and a $200,000-plus,

souped-up Cadillac

Escalade which happens

to be her Tirabassi’s baby.

They have two cats and

a rabbit named Princess.

The Tirabassis are

worried about people

knowing where

they live now.

Between the two of them,

there are nine kids.

Three each from

previous relationships,

and three more together.

The Dodge Charger and

the Hummer are nowhere

in sight on their new street.

The Cadillac’s in storage;

it needs work done that

she can’t afford right now.

A lot of friends are gone too.

People took advantage of them,

didn’t pay them back

when they loaned them money.

“(They said) ‘they’ve got

enough so they’re OK, right?’”

Vinny said.

But as she heads to work

in her scrubs Wednesday,

she says she couldn’t

help giving so much away.

She forgets that is only

the Almight God that

provide for every man

need,so when you try

to do God’s work;You

are trying to be

Elshaddai and if care

is not taking it will

the person will soon

turn to ”i shall i die”

she won the m.o.n.e.y

and escaped poverty for a

a moment and went back

because of lack of financial


Friend,its not

how much you get but

you keep and invest

that keeps you out

of poverty.

She has gone back to taking

public transport and living

in rented apart.

You can change your story

today by invest in America

property investment.

This is How to make N200k from America Properties.

20% of 1m is 200k
and you can make
that regularly investing
in America properties.

lets talk about benefits first

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Invest 500k make 10k every month(for 20 months in 2years)
Invest 250k make 5k every month(for 20 months in 2years)

2.Your original investment money is still your own
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3.where we get the profit we are giving you
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4.if you have as much as 35,000 and above d.o.llar
you can collects 45k every month and even
buy the property

5.Set homes through its America office
will also be able to help you buy houses
in America and manage it and give you
returns monthly,help you to sell
and give you links to get citizenship
when you have bought some quantity
of properties.

6.If you want to buy a property in America
and you want to come and see the property
before paying,its possible but there is
a fee of 489 dollarsss you have to pay.
More so,you get your visa yourself
and we will only link up with you in

7.If you want to take part you have
join our real estate investment club
by obtaining an application form
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fee of $30 or N5000 to
set homes ltd
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b.Then send a proof of payment
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c. we will send you the form
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d.fill it and send it back to us

e.You can now pay your money
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paying you your income after 60
days or second month for the next
10 month.

f.If you are a member of our real
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One Response to The Penniless Millionaire

  1. funke Adelaja -Odetoyinbo

    Good job Sanmi.Buy land in badagry and position yourself to reap from Gov Fashola’ Badagry Mega city investment/tourism plans.
    Anyone interested should contact me

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